How to Buy

SMD has hundreds of vehicles available for sale weekly, across the country. Vehicles are sold either on auction or by direct sales (Buy Now). SMD has a wide variety of stock on offer ranging from the smallest sedan to the latest and most luxurious 4x4 - all makes, all models. Why not try our search function and find the vehicle that suits your pocket.

Vehicle Classification

Accident Damaged
Accident damaged vehicles are acquired through short term insurers or uninsured private individuals and are often the cheapest way to own a vehicle, even though you need to repair it

Stolen and Recovered

Stolen and recovered vehicles also acquired through short term insurers. When vehicles are not recovered after a certain period, the insured is paid out. When the vehicle is eventually recovered, the insurer sells it through SMD.

These are second hand vehicles.

These vehicles are acquired from companies who specialise in fleet vehicles, such as a vehicle rental company. They usually have low mileage.

Repossessed vehicles are acquired through banks and finance institutions.

Sales Methods

SMD has three sales methods.


  1. Come to viewing and see if there is a vehicle for you. Feel free to bring an expert with to help you to assess the damage of the car, if any. Speak to our friendly staff to assist you with any queries you may have and familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Bring your RSA ID (Citizens) or Traffic Register and valid Passport (Foreign Nationals) on auction day to register for the auction. You may also need to pay a deposit for the auction, see the Terms and Conditions Payment section. Find out if the auction you are interested in requires a deposit, then make payment at the bank. When you register, you will be given a buyer number (your ID for the auction). You can register at any time before/during an auction.
  3. Raise your buyer number when you agree to the price of the vehicle being sold. This is called "bidding".
  4. If you have bought a vehicle, bring your buyer number to the Auction Registration Clerks and get a Pro Forma invoice. This will show you how much your balance is for all the vehicles you bought.
  5. Go to the bank and make the final payment for your vehicles within 24 hours of the auction using the reference on your Pro Forma invoice. Bring your proof of payment back to the Auction Registration Clerks, and a Tax Invoice and Release Note will be given to you. Papers will also be given out when you have paid in full. Some sites carry papers immediately, others receive papers from our Head Office within 10 days. Note: If you are at a repossession Auction or have bought a bank repossessed vehicle, you will need to get FICA approval before we can release your car(s) to you. To do this, bring your original green RSA ID & original proof of residence (not older than 3 months). See FICA below for more. Papers for all repossessed vehicles can be collected after 7 days of sale.
  6. You can now take your vehicle.
  7. If you have not bought anything and you paid a deposit for the auction, bring your buyer number to the Auction Registration Clerks at any time during the auction, and give them your proof of banking details for a refund. A refund will be done in 10 working days. You can also keep your deposit for the next auction. Use your previous buyer card as the deposit to get a new card. Buyer numbers are valid for one auction only.
Tip: If you're interested in attending an auction, but still not sure if you want to register and buy, watch a couple of auctions to get a feel for the process and prices before you decide to go for it! It’s free!

Timed Auctions

  1. Vehicles on sale are subject to a reserve or minimum price indicated by "Subject to Confirmation", which is the starting bid.
  2. Once the starting bid had been accepted by a buyer, the "Subject to Confirmation" will change to no, indicating the reserve or minimum has been met.
  3. All vehicles are on timed auction for a specific time period, and expire in the time shown.
  4. The Timed Auction process is regulated by the registered online users who determine the highest current bid.
  5. Should you hold the highest bid upon closing of the bidding time a notification will be sent via email to inform that you have been successful in purchasing the vehicle. The sale is then final.
  6. If no bids are received during the closing period (finalising the last bid), the vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder. However, should bids be received during the closing period, the bidding time allowed will be extended to accommodate the buyers and a new expiry time will automatically be set.
  7. The system will automatically not allow any buyer to bid against him/herself.

Buy Now

Vehicles for immediate sale are sold as a Buy Now, which is exclusively online. This means that if you agree to the displayed price on the website, the vehicle is yours! Cars are sold on a first come, first served basis. You will have 24 hours to pay for your vehicle, or it will be sold to the next buyer.